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http://hjem.sol.no/jasjurse/  Norwegian Emigration Records

UPDATE:  Saved the emigration list and converted to a pdf so it's easier to download and search.  File is available for download here.

The emigration records list my great great grandfather's second family as emigrating from Norway on July 21, 1887.

Amund's brother Peder K Glimme is listed with a birthdate of 1848, but his emigration date is not listed.  Amund himself is not listed.

It also lists Hans Hansson Spildo b. 1813 e. 1850 and son Hans Hansson Spildo b. 1849 e. 1850 who are possibly the father and brother of my great great grandmother Anna Spilde.  There is a Madli Anvedsd. Spildo b. 1846 e. ? listed, but this is the wrong middle name.

Four Anna Spildo's of approximately same age as Amund Glimme are listed as having emigrated:

Based on known info Anna Olavsd. Spildo is the most likely based on her relative John O. Spilde's middle initial.

Rx'd the following from Øystein David Spilde:

My grand grandfather was Arnvid Davidsen Spilde (1876) from the Spilde farm in Granvin. His parents were David Monsen Tufte Spilde (1848) which married Anna Arnvidsdtr Rondestveit (from the Spilde farm) in 1868. They took the farm name Spilde as last name. Annas parents was Arnvid Olsen Rondestveit (1809) and Anna Jonsdtr Håheim (1813).

And here is one interesting clue: among Annas grandparents there is Olav Magnussen Rondestveit (1769) married to Madli Sjursdtr Vestrheim (1785). Madli is not an commom name, they had 4 childeren.


This looks like a good lead.  I'm waiting to hear more from Øystein who was going to look closer at the book "Ættarbok for Granvin".  I'm also going to follow up on records in Columbia Co. WI for Hans Hansson Spildo, Anna Spildo, Amund Glimme, Peder Glimme, and Madli Hansdatter Spildo.



Found sites:

http://www.rootsweb.com/~wicolumb/wicolumb.htm  Columbia County, WI GenWeb site

http://www.rootsweb.com/~wimarath/  Marathon County, WI GenWeb site


Marathon County Wausau Township 1870 Census lists John O (age 40) and Carrie Spilder (age 35) (Spilder is a typo most likely) with daughter Carrie Spilder.  Dwelling #21 which also lists a farm laborer Herman Wool age 23.  John O is listed as a farmer and Carrie as a house keeper.  Estate property is valued at $3,000 and personal property at $314.  Neither can read/write English.

Sent emails to a couple of the volunteer lookups listed on the Columbia County website.