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My grandmother on my mom's side was an active genealogist researching her roots far back when I was growing up.  I've always found history interesting, including family history, but hadn't done much about it until recently.  Very little has been known of my father's ancestry for several reasons.  My great grandfather was adopted as an infant when his mother died and his father returned to Norway.  He was adopted by his aunt and uncle, but the family line stopped there.  Without other relatives in the country to keep in contact with, I believe the history was lost.

Around late 1995, I ran a web search of the name Glimme, my great grandfather's original surname, and found a few sites in Norway and very few names in the USA.  What I did happen to find was a catalog of the University of Oslo (or Bergen?) Norway's library with a reference to a Glimme Genealogy book published in 1912 by a J.K. Glimme.  I really wanted to get a copy of it.

The Spilde's always have an extended family Christmas party in Badger, SD the Sunday following Christmas Day.  I found out that year that my great aunt in Badger has had a translated copy of the book for years!  We borrowed the book, which my dad photocopied for us.

A couple of months ago, I ran another web search and, it seems that there are a lot more resources available for genealogy research on the Internet than several years ago.  I have spent a few late nights searching, reading, and writing.  I've found a few websites and made a few contacts.  For at least a couple of years now, I've wanted to make a family history scrapbook available online via a website, or maybe distribute a multi-media version on CDROM which would include digital copies of older family pictures and movies.  With the information I've started finding out, now seemed like it was the time to start.

For now, I will post what information I can find to this website.  I'll probably be concentrating on the Spilde and Glimme families since these are the least known to me.  My mom and aunt have my grandma's research on the Olson and Reblin side.  When I get more information there, I will post that as well.

I've recently come across information that looks like I have now linked my great great grandparents in America to their Norwegian ancestors.  More information on the Glimme and Spilde lines can be found on my site by clicking here.

Thanks for taking time to visit my website.  Please check out the rest of the site and offer any suggestions or information that you might have!  Feel free to sign my guest book to leave a message for myself or others and please check back later for updates!


Jason Spilde


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