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Edited and scanned a copy of The Glimme Family book and posted to my site.


Received additional Glimme information from Thomas Glimme of California.  Please see my downloads page.


 Received information on the Spildo farm from Eleanor Decker of Canada with leads as to the possible ancestry of Anna Spilde, my Great-Great-Grandmother.  See my Anna Spilde Theory section.



Received permission from Svein Ulvund from Voss, Norway to post several of his pictures on my site.  He also sent me a picture of the Glimme Farm that he had taken in April, 1999.



Setup a new domain name for this website http://www.myancestryonline.com which will become active on 03/06/01.



Sent out a second batch of emails to Spilde email addresses I have found on the Internet bringing a total count to around 100.  Over half of these these have come back undeliverable.