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My Spilde Lineage


My great grandfather Edward Cornelius Spilde was born Adolf Glimme to Amund and Anna Glimme.  His mother Anna died during or not long after childbirth and his father Amund left Adolf with his uncle John O. Spilde and wife Carrie in Wisconsin and returned to Norway soon after.

Anna Olavsd. (Spilde) Glimme was born in 1852, the daughter of Olav Larsson N Spildo (1799 - 1883) and Brita Skår (1808 - 1884) the youngest of eight children.  She emigrated to America on her own in 1871 and married Amund K. Glimme Dec 11, 1877 in DeForest, Dane Co, Wisconsin.

Her father Olav was an only child.

Olav Larsson N. Spildo 90a 1799 - 1883
Married 1826 to Brita Hansdtr. Skår 38h 1808 - 1884
Gnr. 90, bnr 2 [i. e something like farm number 90, holding number 2]
Farmer 1825 - 1854. [referring to Olav Larsson].  Olav received the deed from his mother, and the royal deed for the parsonage in 1832 for 400 spesidalar [up to 1873 Norw. monetary unit - a silver coin worth two rix-dollars] Olav was usually/colloquially called "Brit-Ola".

a. Lars 1827 - 1913   N. Spildo 130

b. Hans 1829 -          Married to Kari Heggestad, Hafslo, Sogn.  Hans went to America 1849.
c. Per 1833 -            America, died unmarried.
d. Brita 1833 -         America 1857
e. Jens 1841 -         America, died unmarried
f. Ragnhild 1844 -    America 1866
g. Elisabet 1848 -    America 1866
h. Anna  1852 -       America 1871

                    Jens and Brita have passport dates of 5th May, 1857 for travel to the USA.

Ancestors to Olav Spildo are:

            Lars Nilsson Nes   (1638-1716) & Ingebjorg Persdatter Oyarhamn   (1640 - 1731)
            Per Larsson Spildo (1680 - 1744) & Elisabeth Opheim (1685 - 1771)
            Lars Person Spildo (1707 - 1762) & Jorunn Herlauksdatter Ovsthus (1720 - 1798)
            Elisabeth Spildo (1743 - 1809) & Olav Hansson Vassenden (1727-1814)   
            Lars Olavson Spildo (1764 - 1823) & Brita Larsdatter (1768 - 1848)


Tracing Ed's adoptive parents:

John O. Spilde (Adolf/Ed's uncle) was known as Hans (short for Johannes) Olsen Spilde in Norway, born about 1830.  

His passport to the USA was dated 19th May, 1849.

Hans O Spilden is listed as a passenger on the Juno under the command of Captain Bendixen which departed Bergen June 9, 1849 and arrived in New York August 20th, 1849.

Further information on  Juno's 1849 voyage as told by a fellow passenger.

In 1849 she was also mastered by Capt. Bendixen. She departed from Bergen on June 9th, and according to the passenger list she arrived at New York on Aug. 20th. How ever, there is a discrepancy between this date, and the date given in the letter presented below. One of the passengers was Nils Torkelsen Hallanger [named Niels T. Ødven on the passenger list]. In a letter to his family in Norway he later told about the voyage. The ship was delayed for 3 weeks in Bergen due to unfavorable wind. They weighed anchor on June the 9th in the evening, and sailed on a strong breeze from the North out in to the North Sea. They had this favorable wind until the 11th, when they had passed through the British channel. The ship sailed quite close to the shore. After this they had stormy weather with wind coming from west. Most of the passengers suffered in some extent from seasickness, except for a few, among them Nils' parents in law [Lars P. Ødven and Gertrud Tollefsdatter]. Nils him self was sick for 5 - 6 days, but his wife [Britha Larsdatter Ødven], who was pregnant, was sick for most of the time. On July the 6th she gave birth to a son, who was baptized on July the 12th. The Captain had demanded that the child was to be called after the ship, so he was named Lars Juno Nilsen. They arrived at New York on the 10th of August [the passenger list is dated August 20th] , all was well. In New York they signed a contract with a Norwegian Agent called Johan Holfeldt to travel from there to Milwaukee. They left New York on August the 14th and traveled to Albano, to where they arrived on the 16th. There they boarded a canal boat that was pulled by two horses. On the 23rd they arrived in Buffalo where they boarded a steamship that took them to Milwaukee. They arrived on the 28th of August. In Milwaukee they had to make new contracts for the transportation to Spring Prairie. The fare was 13 Dollar. They arrived at Spring Prairie where allot of Norwegians had settled on the 3rd of September.
["Fra Amerika til Norge, Norske utvandrerbrev 1838 - 1857" (From America to Norway, Norwegian emigrant letters 1838 - 1857) by Orm Øverland and Steinar Kjæheim]

John O. Spilde married Carrie Jensen (Kari Heggestad) on 8 July, 1859.  

He is listed in the 1860 Census as "John O Spildry" as a resident of Arlington Township, Columbia Co, Wisconsin.

The 1870 Census of Wausau Township, Marathon County, WI lists John O (age 40) and Carrie Spilder (age 35) (Spilder is a typo most likely) with daughter Carrie Spilder.  Dwelling #21 which also lists a farm laborer Herman Wool age 23.  John O is listed as a farmer and Carrie as a house keeper.  Estate property is valued at $3,000 and personal property at $314.  Neither can read/write English.

Land records, list 80 acres being purchased by a John O Spilder on 07/01/1872.  Bureau of Land Management has a scanned image of the document.  Spilder is likely a typo by the present day data entry person who misread the name "Spildee" which was written as the phonetic spelling since John O. could not read nor write English.  

BLM land records also show 156.64 acres in Kingsbury Co, SD purchased by John O Spilde 11/15/1890 and 160 acres on 10/30/1894.

The Nov 2, 1905 issue of the Brookings Register (Brookings, SD newspaper) lists Carrie Spilde's obituary.  She died Oct. 1905 in Brookings, SD.

Mrs. John Spilde

In the Hetland department of the Arlington Sun appears the following: 

    "The many friends of Mrs. J. O. Spilde were saddened last Sunday evening to learn that she had passed away at her home in Brookings.  Mrs. Spilde had been an invalid for two years, but had not seemingly been any worse than for some time, until about ten days before her death when she began to grow rapidly worse, and continued to do so until Sunday evening, when she passed away.  In October two years ago Mrs. Spilde was taken with a stroke of paralysis, and since that time has been confined to bed, nearly helpless, but tenderly cared for by her daughter, Mrs. Crothers at whose home she passed the last days of her life.  She leaves a husband and her daughter, Mrs. P.R. Crothers, and also her step son, Ed. Spilde, who has been as an own son to her since his babyhood, to mourn her loss, besides a host of old friends and neighbors, who have known her through these years, and who will sincerely regret to learn of her demise.

    Mrs. Spilde, whose maiden name was Carrie Jensen, was born in America and settled at Lodi, Wisconsin.  Here, on July 8th 1859, she was married to Mr. J. O. Spilde.  In 1866 Mr. and Mrs. Spilde moved to Wausau, Wisconsin, where they lived till 1883 when they came to Dakota; taking up a claim north of this place, and here they have continued to live until Mrs. Spilde's poor health made it necessary to break up housekeeping, when they made their home with their daughter, Mrs. Crothers, moving with them to Brookings the present year.  Mrs. Spilde was a noble Christian woman, a good mother and a good neighbor.  She had no enemies but many friends and will be remembered with the warmest feelings of friendship by all who knew her."


Hans Olsen (John O.) Spilde is listed on a return trip from Norway to Brookings, SD on 11 August, 1906.

From the December 27th, 1917 Brookings Public Register:


    From the Arlington Sun we learn that John O. Spilde, father of Mrs. P. R. Crothers, died at the family home near Badger, in Kingsbury county.  The Crothers family lived in the city during the time their sons, Harold and Ralph, attended college.  Mr. Spilde made his home with them during that time and was well known to many in the city.  The following obituary is taken from the Arlington Sun:

    John O. Spilde was born in Hardanger, Norway, August 26, 1830.  He came to America in 1848 and worked on farms in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin for several years.

    He was married to Miss Carrie Jenson and settled in northern Wisconsin where he bought a large tract of cutover timber land near Wausau, Wisconsin.  This land after years of hard labor he succeeded in making into a fine farm.

    In 1883 he sold this place and came to Dakota territory where he settled in Badger township, Kingsbury county, and again undertook the task of making a farm home out of a tract of wild land.

    In 1905, his wife died and since that time he has made his home with his daughter, Mrs. P. R. Crothers.

    Old and full of years he quietly passed away on the morning of Dec. 12th, 1917, strong in the Christian faith, that has for many years been the sustaining power of his life.

    The funeral service was conducted by Rev. H. A. Dettmers at the Badger church Friday afternoon, Dec. 14.  There was a large attendance of relatives and neighbors and the service closed with prayer at the Badger cemetery.  The text of the sermon was: Job. 14th chapter -- "If a man die, shall he live again?"


John and Carrie Spilde are buried in the Badger Cemetery.

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